Posted by TAWNY at 10:47 PM

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Discuss how the clinical objectives and personal goals for the experience were met.

Before I started clinicals, I wrote down some goals on items I wanted to accomplish from this preceptorship.

Goal 1: By the end of my preceptor experience become competent and comfortable in setting up IV bags and programming the pumps. (I haven't had much exposure and don't feel very comfortable in this area.)

I had many opportunities to set up IV bags and also to set up the pumps. Before, the pumps seemed a bit confusing. But my nurse took the time to make sure I understood them, and now I feel much more comfortable.

Goal 2: Learn to adequately use the system HELP to chart all patient care with minimal help from preceptor by the end of my preceptorship.

I grew very accustomed to the charting system and was charting full assessments on my first day. As more time went on, my nurse gave me more leeway, and I was able to chart on most everything.

Goal 3: Research all the drugs my patients are receiving and be prepared to explain reason for use and potential side effects each time I pass meds to patients.

I made sure to look up and know all the drugs I was giving. I wanted my patients to be educated on what they were receiving.

Goal 4: Be able to give complete and concise change of shift report to the oncoming nurse by the 4th shift.

I gave shift report to oncoming nurses. This used to seem a bit scary because I wasn't sure if I would have the answers needed, but as time went on, this became easier.

Goal 5: Look up labs for each of my patients daily and make sure I do the research required to understand what the values mean.

I would look up labs right after shift report. If I wasn't sure of a value or what a test meant, I took the time to look it up. I would always research out what this lab meant for this patient, why it was drawn, and for patterns (if going up, down, or staying same).

I initially made these goals because I felt I was lacking a bit in these areas, but I focused on these things and feel that I accomplished them.