spring break 2008

Posted by TAWNY at 10:50 AM

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Due to the incredible amounts of threats and requests to update the blog - here's to all of you. With school and work causing a constant annoyance now that the sun has decided to reveal itself, spring break couldn't have come any sooner this year. I was going to write a lengthy blog and give you the day by day low-down, but I figured...I don't feel like it. So here are a few pictures and a brief description...
Ashley James and myself cruising on a boat at Sand Hollow (just right outside of St. George).Just crouzin' around the hills and mountains of St. George in this sweet four door Jeep. Someday...(sigh).

Instead of spending another cliche evening in Las Vegas, I forced Heather and Ashley to drive with me to Hoover Dam. We had a dam good time! So, I know this wasn't the best blog, but, hey, I'm busy!