out of sight, out of mind...

Posted by TAWNY at 3:26 PM

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I rarely think about this blog. I mean, its been ages since something of worth was even written. You may have noticed a few dumb posts about nursing and such - they were from an assignment from one of my instructors. But today, after having to go to this blog to navigate to some of my links, I decided it was time to get something, anything, on here...

(I proceed to sit here, staring blankly at the computer screen for a topic of substance or a funny anecdote. My mind is quite empty.)

Maybe I'll share an interesting fact with you (don't judge me - I've been away for a long time).

According to Dr. Oz (as retold by my mother): If you start your morning off each day with a glass of really cold water, you will lose a pound a year from this ritual alone.
Ha, okay, now that I've broken my barrier of silence, I will come back soon and write something of deep importance. Like baseball.


Laura said...

I am trying this immediately. Welcome back!