the impact

Posted by TAWNY at 10:39 PM

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Describe how your learning will impact your nursing career.

I feel that my preceptorship has impacted me for the positive. I have mentioned before that I was feeling super confident before because I just didn't feel like I had continuity before. I would learn something, and then the next week I was on another floor with different rules. It's hard to keep it all straight. Being on the same floor with the same nurse did wonders for me. I felt like I could just keep building more and more on the information I was retaining. Because of my experiences here, I feel much more ready to actually start working as an RN.

My nurse was pretty awesome. I was continuously impressed with her work ethic. She didn't cut corners like some others that I had observed. She did things right. It was a good example to me to be ever-vigilant. I'm glad I was trained by her because that will impact how I approach nursing. Adopting that dedication, along with solidifying a lot of my nursing skills, I feel like I will be much more competent when I'm really out there.