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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Exactly a month ago I was in the Big Apple. I thought I better finally post a bit about it.

I'm the only one in family who hasn't been to New York. So one day I pulled up the New York Yankee schedule and found a weekend where they were playing the Red Sox. I told my mom that was the weekend for us, and we started the planning.

On Wednesday August 5th, my mom, Ally, Kellye, Kathy, Tara, Coy and I headed out on the red eye to the City-So-Nice-They-Named-It-Twice.

Tara and me in front of a NYPD cruiser. I have an odd fascination for the NYPD. It must be all the TV I watch. Also, me at Central Park. Because I didn't have my Chaco's on, I was not able to scale this rock.

Unfortunately Dave was on a hiatus during our stay or we would have seen his show. Also, refer to the previous post about Glenn Beck. Radio City, as shown above, is where he broadcasts.

Wallstreet Bull. Also, Tara, me, mom, and Ally in front of a tiny Statue of Liberty.

Are you all familiar with the movie "National Treasure"? The church where they find the treasure is pictured above. Trinity Church. I love that movie.

We took a ferry to Staten Island. We sailed out at sunset and got a good look at the Statue of Liberty.

On our way back to the City, it was dark (not pictured) and the Manhatten skyline was awesome.

My love for the NYPD apparent again. Also, Tara, my mom, and I got up early one morning and walked Central Park and found the Good Morning American concert series. It was IDOL morning. We saw in concert Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and David Cook.

They weren't kidding about those giant NY rats.

A nice sales woman at Tiffany's let me try on this diamond ring. Any guesses at it's price tag?? Only $400,000!!!

Now, to the main event. I am a lifelong Yankees fan, and a lifelong Red Sox hater. As I got off the Subway to the Yankee Stadium, I felt as if I was making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The feeling in the air amongst all the other fans was electric. I had goosebumps and felt like I had finally come home.

We caught the game on Friday night. It turned into an old-fashioned pitcher's duel. The game was completely scoreless until in the 15th inning, Alex Rodriguez hit a home run bring Derek Jeter in. We won with a score of 2 - 0. It was amazing.

This was a really awesome trip. New York really is a cool place to visit. Refer to post Only In Dreams and you see just how long I've waited to make this trip. And to have my Yankees sweep the Sox was just icing on the cake.