what i learned

Posted by TAWNY at 10:29 PM

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Describe what you actually learned through this clinical experience.

The third floor at UVRMC is known as the "Progressive Care Unit". The cases are a bit more critical than typical MedSurg, but not as acute as ICU. On this floor dialysis is also provided.

I feel like I gained a substantial amount from my experience on this floor. I was paired with an awesome nurse who really knew her stuff. I feel like I really pulled it all together during my time there. My nurse got me into a routine that really didn't seem as scary as it did before. Before, I felt like my thoughts were a bit jumbled, but staying in one place with the same nurse was extremely helpful. I was finally able to retain information more easily; information that would be pertinent the next time I was there. Specifically, I become more competent in placing and setting IV pumps, placing catheters, interpreting telemetry strips, performing and charting complete assessments, changing central line dressings/removing central lines, etc. After each subsequent clinical, I felt more and more confident.


Steve and Dee said...

See. You are a smarty pants nurse already! Way to go!