jazz vs cavs

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I hit up my first Jazz game of the season. I sure do love the Jazz. Nan, Joe, Scott, and I purchased tickets last minute.
As pictured above, Hollie joined us later. Welcome back from Key West, Girl.
A few years back at a Clippers game, a mini soft basketball was thrown to me in the crowd. I caught it above my head. The ball was in my possession. But before I could pull the ball back down from a top my head, a full-grown man sitting directly behind me, grabbed the ball from my hands. He claimed it as his own. Needless to say, it affected me. Since this fateful day, I have carried a certain chip on my shoulder. Last night, a blue voice-cone-thing (pictured above) was thrown again in my direction. I wasn't going to let this one pass me by. Well, apparently the kid in the row in front of me had the same idea. We both caught it at the same time. Instead of me giving up and letting the kid win, I pulled and struggled with all my might for a good thirty seconds. When I finally came to and realized what I was doing, I released it and let the 12 year old have it. Not my proudest moment. Ha ha

Well the Jazz and King James put on a great game - until the end where we lost it. It was a heartbreaker.

Hollie, Joe, Nan (above), Scott and me (below) post-game at California Pizza Kitchen.

I got the Thai Chicken Pizza. Folks, if you haven't tried it - you're missing out.


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So I'll be the first to admit: I hate winter. I think the snow is not only useless, but very inconvenient. I find it very disgusting the amounts of it we've received this winter. I'm a summer person.
Anyway, I still thought these pictures were cute because my Nephew Cole thought it was soo cool that he could sled in our front yard.

honor student

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Monday, January 5, 2009

I know that I have left you all on the edge of your seats with the whole "ucler" thing. I am sorry for the delay in updating. Here's how it went down:

I knew that grades would be posted on Wednesday December 24th. They're always posted the Wednesday following finals, but this didn't stop me from checking very consistently every 3 hours for a week.

But I finally went to bed on December 23rd and woke up abruptly in the middle of the night. I looked at my cell phone and it read: Decemeber 24th - 3:39 AM. My automatic thought was: It's Christmas Eve. Yes. Grades.

I hopped out of bed and ran to the computer in the living room. I started the dial-up connection (ha ha, just kidding. Just sounds funny to say these days. And more intense.) and navigated to UVU's website. I typed in my student ID and password. I followed the ever-familiar steps to my student records where my grades lie waiting.

Doubt lingered in the back of my mind because I wasn't sure if they would be up so early in the morning. As my shaky hand finally came to the right page, there it was. Fall 2008 grades. I stopped. Did I really want to know? I was about to see just how much my hard work had paid off; if any. I was sure that I would get an A- in Biology. Even Math 1050 I couldn't be sure of the results.

I finally took a deep breath and opened the page. I scrolled down to the middle of the page and to my complete and utter shock I saw my first 4.0 of my entire school career. That's right, even in Junior High and High school had I never pulled this off. I would never have to retake Biology, Math 1050 or Chemistry 1110 again. A few tears dropped from my unbelieving eyes.

I went back to bed to enjoy the most peaceful night's sleep ever. Oh wait, that didn't happen. For the rest of the night, I lay in bed with a million thoughts and scenarios running through my already overworked mind....

What if I really got into Nursing school? Would I have time to work? I have to work. Where would I work? I have to have 24 hours at IHC a week. I'm going to have to work some kind of night shift. Wait, I don't want to quit my job. I don't have any skills....My thoughts when on and on like this for the rest of the night.

Needless to say, I've been pretty ecstatic. But also this makes my future that much more real...which scares me. Am I ready to be an adult? I also want to apologize to all of you whom I've ignored through this grueling semester. I'm ready to be fun again...please call...