bah, humbug

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Listen, I love Christmas. I love the Christmas season. Just not in November.
A long time ago when I worked at a certain Robert's Arts and Crafts, I was the Seasonal Department Head. This meant I was rummaging through Christmas shipments in July. They also would turn on the Christmas music in September as a ploy to get people to shop earlier. It turned me off, to say the least.
Now, I work at Legacy OB-GYN. I thought I was free of the early Christmas stuff. But to no avail, my co-workers love listening to Christmas music early. Last year it was October-early, this year it's only Novemeber-early.
I have stated my objections, but they all seem to laugh and turn the music up louder. The last straw came today when I arrived this morning to find this:

In an effort to get me in the Christmas spirit, they decked out my desk. Thanks guys.

Why isn't there Thanksgiving music?

wolverine green

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've received numerous requests (okay, just Deelisa), to write a little something about my adventures in nursing school. First off, take notice of this classy uniform. We are required to wear hunter green scrubs, a UVU white patch sewn on left sleeve, a name badge, and clean white shoes. Not adhering to these demands will land you in trouble (aka being denied clinical rounds).

I took this picture today after my second clinical at Orem Nursing and Rehab. If you've never worked or visited a nursing home, you're missing out. It's quite a treat.

Some highlights thus far in Semester 1:

>Coming to class with swimsuits under our scrubs so we could give each other bed-baths.

>Learned how to catheterize male and female dummies. Real life.

>Laid on a table-top with my entire abdomen exposed for a good 20 minutes while a complete stranger stared at it.

>Cleaned fake wounds on the "Seymour Butts". Seriously, that's the name of the fake bum.

>Wrote a three-page paper on rectal suppositories. Good read if you're interested.

I really have enjoyed this first semester. But I am already on a graduation countdown. I am now telling people that I have 2.5 years left instead of 3. April 2012 is a bright goal in my future. In any event, so far, so good.

start spreading the news

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's been a heart-wrenching nine years since my Yankees have been on top. It's a myth that Yankees fans have life easy. On the contrary, it tends to be rough. Imagine, having a team that comes with such high hopes, only to fall short each post-season.

But 2009 brought us new fortune. Finally we could see a team that really had chemistry; something that had been lacking in recent years. All the money in the world can only go so far - you need chemistry in the end.

Even more exciting, I was able to witness my first Yankee's game in person. This has been years in the making. Seeing them in August only made me that much more excited for the post-season. I knew that the Yankees had something special this season.

And so it was, on Wednesday November 4th, the Yankees beat out the Phillies to win their 27th World Series. That's right folks, I got to see 2009 World Champions live and in person. I'll be telling this one to the grandkids.

Disclaimer: If you're not familiar, after each Yankees game they play Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York". Hence the title, "Start spreading the news..." Listen to it; it's a good song.