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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back in Ms. Bestor's 10th grade English class, I did a presentation on fortune cookies. I researched the history, superstitions, and even learned how to make them. Since then, you could say I take them very seriously.

A few months back a drug rep brought our office in some Chinese food for lunch. I picked my fortune cookie at the end of my meal. The following was revealed to me:

I immediately taped this golden nugget up at my desk at work. I read it's prophecy daily. Conveniently enough I would be applying for the Nursing program at UVU about a month later - so I could really put this to the test soon enough.
I turned in my nursing application on April 10th. The application period didn't end until May 15th, and additionally it would take another month after that for any results. If anything was going to try my impatience and make me stronger, this was going to be it.
For the first month and a half of waiting I got through unscathed. But by the beginning of June I had become somewhat of a nervous wreck. Each morning would play out the same way. I would wake up feeling nauseous and the mail would be the first thing I thought. I would feel this way until about 10:30 am when I would call my family and see if the mail had come. When it hadn't, I returned to normal and proceeded okay through the rest of my day.
As you might be able to tell, this became quite exhausting. But one morning I called at my usual time and for the first time said, "Mom, just tell me already that it's not there." I was usually excited and hopeful, but that morning told myself it wasn't there. My mom replied, "There is something here. It's an envelope and it's heavy."
Of course I forced my mom to leave the house immediately and bring this to me at work. It was the longest 15 minutes. She finally arrived and I stepped outside in the hall just in case I had an emotional outburst. The patients can't see that. My shaking fingers finally opened the envelope and this is what I saw:
So I know that I have already publicized this to pretty much everyone, but I thought I should post about one of the greatest things that's happened to me as of late. Besides, I count this as my journal.
I start at the end of next month. I'm pretty much terrified and excited. I'll keep you all updated about what goes down.