Posted by TAWNY at 12:35 PM

Thursday, January 3, 2008

WARNING - THIS MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO ABOUT 50% OF THE GIRL POPULATION... I recently sat on a University Mall bench a few weeks ago with Amy and Ali Goffin. I was shocked to see how many girls had their pants tucked into their boots! We turned it into a game and started counting to see just how many offenders there were. In the 7 minutes that we sat on the bench, we counted a total of about 15 to 20 girls. And, unfortunately, this was just on one side of the hall. If we were to turn 180 degrees to the other flow of traffic, I'm sure it would have doubled. Are the girls of Utah Valley aware that they are NOT living in Aspen, Colorado? Not only are UGG boots being sported (which, granted, is slightly okay if you're living in a posh city like Aspen or Park City), but we are seeing just about every kind of boot; snow boots, tall rubber boots, short boots, moon boots - if you own a pair of boots, tuck 'em in! Some may defend the point - "There's snow outside. We don't the bottom of our pants wet." Well, what have you done in the past? This is not the first winter with snow, but this is certainly the first outbreak of this epidemic. In any event, a day in Utah Valley would make Napolean proud.