i can't be trusted

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I got a mysterious email from an Elder Larsen yesterday at 12:30 PM that read,

"1:30 today! At your place of employ! What!? Yes. See you there. But, really, you'll probably only see me."

What!? Automatically the wheels in my advanced head started turning. Did he really think he could come by my building and not expect to see me? Was he playing a trick on me? Was this message really from Chad?

I started to conjure up a plan that would satisfy my best interests. He had an appointment on the third floor around 1:30 PM. Missionaries normally have better habits than normal 20 year olds. I had to be downstairs at least 15 minutes early to make sure I didn't miss him.

So around 1:13 PM I headed to the pharmacy on the first floor of our building and purchased him numerous candy bars as a means of getting on his good side. After all, this was totally breaking the rules.

I made my way to the empty bench right next to the main front doors of the building. And I waited. A part of me was still not convinced that he would really show up. I scrolled through pictures on my camera and anxiously waited longer. I kept seeing patients of my clinic walk by. I didn't really like that.

Finally, at 1:33 PM, I looked up and saw my kid brother, dressed in his sleek black suit, waltz unsuspectantly through the front door. He saw me sitting on the bench, and froze. By his expression, I guess he didn't really expect to see me stalking the hallway awaiting his arrival.

"Oh hey Chad" was my normal greeting to him. He had that Chad look on his face like what the heck and replied, "Oh hey Tawny. Didn't expect to see you here. Waiting for me."

"Chad, did you really think you could tell me your appointment time and expect to not see me?"

He was late for his appointment and kept awkwardly walking to the elevator so the Old Dude who was escorting him wouldn't get too mad. He stopped before he got on the elevator.

"Chad, I know that this is totally not allowed, but can we just take a picture of this? I need picture proof for the fam."

I handed my camera to Old Dude and he shakily took our picture (this accounts for the slight bluriness of the picture). Chad made sure to put on his "guilty" face. But really, we all know that he couldn't have been too surprised.

We quickly said our goodbyes and he took the elevator, while I took the stairs. And that was that.

I was pretty stoked about our encounter, but I somehow exercised enough patience to wait to tell the fam until I got home from work around 5:30 PM. I had devised yet another plan. I walked through the kitchen and, very conveniently, most of my family was gathered in the family room. I strolled right in and said to my mom, "Look who I ran into today."

She stared at my camera for a moment and then yelled, "What!? Are you kidding me?! You saw CHAD today??" It didn't take long for the rest of my family to run over and see my awesome picture. Needless to say they were all pretty jealous.

tube run down provo river

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It's pretty much my favorite thing to do during the summer. Load up the truck and head up Provo Canyon. We launch just right before the dam and sail down the river until we reach Vivian Park.

Normally for me, being a seasoned tuber and all, I usually get down the river scotch-free. Sometimes, though, some of my friends haven't been as fortunate. I think it has a lot to do with their inexperience. Poor fools.

At any rate, I love the peace and calm the river brings. But just as much, I love the rapids, rocks, and bridges. There is always a surprise waiting for you on the River.

miles away...

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Friday, August 15, 2008

While I was on my trip to Havasupai (sorry, still working on that post) my little brother Chad, who is in the MTC right now, had a doctor's appointment on the third floor of my building where I work. Chad, knowing I was out of the office, slipped this little note on my desk.

I got to work on Monday morning and saw this waiting for me. All my co-workers saw him in his suit and tag. They chatted with him for a minute and he told them he wouldn't have come if I was there. Rude. Anyway, it was weird to me because he is still here in Provo - yet so far away.

chaco lines

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

If you've ever been around the Larsen fam you've probably noticed the family footwear. Now, we're not "Granolas" (as some ignorant people immediately assume when you wear these), but we do love these shoes. Up until last night, we all had them except for Kim (see above picture, the green Crocs.)

We sent away for these beauties the other day and she got them just in time for her birthday.

Chaco Challenge: Try a pair. I promise you will love them. The Larsen's have converted numerous people - all of which are happy customers.

Happy Birthday Kim

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Kim,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're 28 years old!

I hope all your birthday wishes come true - even though your birthday wishes have remained the same year after year: BOOKS, DVD's, BOOKS, CLOTHES, BOOKS.

Tonight when we do your favorite things (BOWLING, PIZZA, ROOTBEER) at your party, I am going to break your bowling record. It's on!

Maybe if you're really nice (and promise not to tell Mom or Dad) I'll let you look at Chad's "Completely-Off-Limits-To-Kim" Bookcase. Hopefully Chad won't notice if you borrow one. Just have it back in 23 months.

I would tell you that I got you a pretty awesome present, but you already know that when you sneakily awaited my return from Borders yesterday and spyed on your gift through the front room window. I know you'll still act excited and surprised when you open it.

Also, we have to get you out in the sun more so you can work on your Chaco lines. That gift was my idea.

Well, Miss Kimmy, I hope you have a fantastic day. You're still my favorite oldest sister.

Love, Tawny

don't wake me

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I had an interesting night of sleep last night. My right knee has been killing me from my recent ascent out of Havasupai (look for more in an upcoming post). So last night I wrapped bags of ice around my knee with an Ace wrap. I then slept on my back. That's uncomfortable in itself. I woke up from knee pain around 2:30 AM.

During those moments of half-awake consciousness, I discovered a problem with my left ear. I started feeling it with my hands. It felt unusually large and hot. I ran into the bathroom and to my immediate horror, my ear had tripled in size! It was a total Will Smith moment.

I immediately start looking for some sort of bug bite to explain this hideous swelling, but nothing to be found. My early-morning mind starts racing towards possibilities: ear cancer, Indian diseases, cellulitis... I finally resorted to some good old Benadryl and went back to bed.

I woke up around 8 AM to get ready for work. I had hoped that the whole ear deal was just a bad dream. Not so. Although the swelling did dramatically decrease, my ear is still slightly swollen, red, and hot to the touch. Not to mention it just looks bigger than my other one. Dr. Jones offered to cut it off for me to stop the undoubted infection raging thru my ear.

Another added bonus is that because of the consumption of Benadryl, I woke up more drowsy than usual. You know the feeling you get when you're really tired and if you stop moving at all, this warm feeling comes over you and you're ready to fall into a deep sleep. Yeah, that keeps happening to me at work today. I made a sign for the patients that reads, "If I'm asleep, don't wake me."